frequently asked questions

Things people often want to know

What exactly is therapy?

Therapy offers a space and a relationship unlike any other. It is the time in your week where you get to let down your guard, take a deep breath, and talk about whatever is on your mind or in your heart without the worries of alienating someone, hurting someone’s feelings, or a concern that by sharing your ultimate truth, the relationship will be damaged. Therapy is a time when you get to really be honest with what you are thinking and feeling with the end goal of changing something in your life.

How long does therapy last?

Weekly sessions are usually 50 minutes. There are people who like to come to therapy twice a week or prefer to extend their session to time and a half and have a 75-minute session. We can explore those decisions together. As far as “how long it will take”? Every individual (or couple) is different and the duration of therapy will depend on what you bring in and the pace you want to go. Couples therapy tends to have a shorter time frame and again, that is something we can determine together.

Throughout us working together, I will check in periodically to see how you think therapy is progressing and what we may need to do together to shift things that better serve your needs.

The idea is not to be in therapy “forever” but what that looks like is different for everyone. I have had clients who work with me for several months or many years.

Therapy seems expensive, is it worth it?

It is true that seeing a therapist is an added cost and a financial commitment. And, unlike rent, electricity, or food, this is a choice. The way I think of therapy is that many people spend a lot of time spinning their wheels, investing in workshops or books, going out to expensive meals, or spending money on things to help “improve our lives” when really, it is not redecorating your home that needs the attention but the needed change is from within. Deciding to invest in therapy is an investment in yourself and your overall happiness. A well-deserved thing to spend money on.

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance at this time but I can provide you with an invoice at the end of each month that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Every provider is different; I recommend people call their provider and have a conversation about out-of-network services.

Start Your Therapy Journey

Call or e-mail to schedule a brief phone conversation, giving you a chance to ask questions and share with me a bit more about yourself. After that, we can decide together if we are a good fit.